About my work:

"I'm a British artist based in Wales, UK: I work across a very broad spectrum of techniques. I hate the idea of limiting creativity. I use whatever materials are best for the job in hand, whether it's charcoal, stainless steel, oil paint or silkscreen"


     I'm based at BLACK MOUNTAIN GALLERY a studio / gallery I set up as a family business back in the 90's.It's based in a sprawl of ex-industrial buildings in the Wilds of Wales (UK)

     If you have any questions, just pick up the phone, the e-mail box or the messaging iron on Facebook. My site is run by actual human beings not algorithms !

     "Why oh why oh why don't you just paint things people like ? such as dogs, flowers and local views ?" 

 Years ago I tried to please people with my painting: it ended up with me painting maybe 10-15 large paintings a day (Yes: a day) which would sell on Ebay. They were beautifully done, people really liked them but it was soul-destroying.

     These days my output is purely what I want to paint. It usually has some sort of story behind it, my work usually contains plenty of pitch-black humour. Quite often it's not for the feint hearted. Admittedly, I sometimes "lapse" and paint the odd abstract landscape.

Making an acid bath out of glass fibre in one of our workshops:

Ever noticed how some people give you a funny look when you mention you own an acid bath ?


Chopping up bits of metal for a steel sculpture. I'm hoping to add sculpture to the site in 2024.

I've not done any serious sculpture for a few years now, but I really should. Spent a bloody fortune on building up full workshop facilities for working with steel and ceramics, so I'll be back on the go with those in 2024

A blast from the past:

this was when Black Mountain Gallery used to operate as a retail gallery: When sales online outstripped sale from the gallery by about 200:1 we closed the doors and now operate online only.

It's great ! I still have followers all over the World that buy my artwork, but I'm now free to spend all my time being an antisocial semi-recluse painting weird stuff.

A drum and bass video for making an etching: not something you see every day !